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  • "Holy Meteora, the rocks made by God"

    Kalambaka-Meteora In northwestern Thessaly, over Kalambaka, are rising to a height of 400 m. proud and imposing the huge and dark rocks of Meteora, full of petrified shells -a unique geological phenomenon. In this wild and inaccessible landscape,...
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    "In the shadow of the Olympian Gods"

    Dion-Castle Platamonas-Palaios Panteleimon The next ancient Macedonian city that deserves to be included in a one-day trip is Dion, 15 km after Katerini. The first mention about the city found in Thukidides in 424 B.C and then became a place of...
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    "Journey to the House of Homo erectus"

    Petralona The cave was discovered by Philip Chantzaridis on May 10th , 1959 and became known for its paleontological and paleoanthropological findings since 1960, after the incidentally discovery in the cave by the resident of Petralona Ch....
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  • "Route to beautiful pictures"

    Baths Pozar- Kaimaktsalan Baths Pozar are one of the most popular destinations in Greece in recent years. Baths Pozar are in height 360-390m, 13 km. from Aridea and 45km. from Edessa the capital of the prefecture Pella, and 100km. from...
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    "The beginning of the legend of Alexander the Great"

    Amfipoli- Philippi Kavala In the age of the Macedonians, Amphipolis became a powerful city of the Macedonian kingdom with internal autonomy and an important economic and cultural development. The excavations have revealed much of the walls and some of...
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    Προσκηνηματική εκδρομή 1: Άγιον Όρος, το περιβόλι της Παναγίας (2)

    Άγιον Όρος, το περιβόλι της Παναγίας Η χερσόνησος του Αθωείναι η ανατολικότερη και τραχύτερη των τριών επιμέρους παράλληλων χερσονήσων (Κασσάνδρας ή Παλλήνης, Λόγκου ή Σιθωνίας -κεντρική, και Άθω ή Αγίου Όρους) που απαρτίζουν την χερσόνησο της Χαλκιδικής.
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