In northwestern Thessaly, over Kalambaka, are rising to a height of 400 m. proud and imposing the huge and dark rocks of Meteora, full of petrified shells -a unique geological phenomenon. In this wild and inaccessible landscape, between the sky and the earth, lies the second most important monastic complex in Greece, after Mount Athos.

Of the twenty-four monasteries that have been historically, today only six (St. Nicholas, Metamorfoseos or Great Meteoro, Varlam, Rousanou, Agias Triadas and St. Stephen), which are well-organized and renovated with respect for tradition, continue for six hundred years without interruption the Orthodox monasticism. The holy lithopoli of Meteora has been included in the List of Monuments of the Unesco World Heritage since 1988 . Make us a pilgrimage to the Meteora monasteries over the windswept cliffs, wandering in their turbulent history.

8:00 Departure from Thessaloniki
11:00 Arrival at Meteora
13:30 Departure from Meteora and stop to Kalambaka for lunch
15:00 Departure from Kalambaka
18:00 Arrival at Thessaloniki

Duration 10 hours price: 270 € mini van 320 €