Thessaloniki is the second largest city of Greece. Since its founding by Cassander Thessaloniki leverages its strategic position and grow in a multicultural city. From 1912 to the end of the Balkan wars and the integration of the region with Greece, Thessaloniki is the second largest city of Greece.


The point of view that Thessaloniki was founded in 316 BC by Cassander relates his choice with the perception that this region had such a strategic position that could easily connect the mainland to the sea and to create the conditions for development of trade while it offered protection against raids.

In Hellenistic Thessaloniki as far as we know there were the tribes: Antigone, Dionysus and Asclepius and municipalities Voukefaleia and Kekropis.
With the ancient town of Thermi as a base, Cassander forced into emigration people of 26 areas creating the new state, which named, in honor of his wife, Thessaloniki. The commercial importance of the city attracted early (3rd century BC.) various people (Egyptians, Syrians, Jews) who increased the population and the topographical size of the city.

Within 2.5 hours visit the White Tower, the Arch of Galerius, the Rotonda, Ag. Dimitrios church, city's castles
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