Archelaus moved the capital of the kingdom of Macedonia from Aiges to Pella. The city flourished during the successors of Alexander the Great, who brought fabulous treasures from Asia. In the first season of excavations uncovered the Agora, the Palaces, temples, cemeteries and settlements.


From Pella, with the visitor, we follow the highway to Edessa. 6 km. from Naoussa is the village Kopanos. There lies the school of Aristotelis where he taught Alexander the Great, the Theatre whose capacity is 1,500 spectators. Vergina, which is 28 km from the village Kopanos, became world famous thanks to the discovery of the ancient city of Aigai, the old capital of the Macedonian state. There we can admire the tomb of Philip II, father of Alexander. Besides that archaeologists have discovered the building complex of the city of Aigai, the Macedonian palace and a prehistoric cemetery.

8:00 Departure from Thessaloniki
8:45 Arrival at ancient Pella (visit the museum)
9:45 Departure from Pella
10:30 Arrival at Vergina (museum tours, archaeological sites)
11:30 Stop for coffee at Vergina
12:30 Departure from Vergina
13:30 Arrival at Thessaloniki

Duration: 5.5 hours price: 140 € mini van: 170 €