Baths Pozar- Kaimaktsalan

Baths Pozar are one of the most popular destinations in Greece in recent years. Baths Pozar are in height 360-390m, 13 km. from Aridea and 45km. from Edessa the capital of the prefecture Pella, and 100km. from Thessaloniki. Baths are created from rainwater that enters the soil and reach deep, where it is heated, rises higher and during its course is enriched with minerals and other ingredients.


The healing properties of water are recommended for diseases of the circulatory and respiratory system, rheumatism, gynecological and skin diseases. Also drinking therapy is recommended for diseases of liver, kidney, bile, digestive and urinary system.

Ski Centre Kaimaktsalan
Ski Centre Voras or Kaimaktsalan, as it is known, is located on Mount Voras, the third highest mountain in Greece and its slopes grow at a height of 2050-2524 meters. Mount Voras attracts many nature lovers, hikers, and thousands of skiers who visit the modern facilities of the Ski Centre Voras while the national team and most ski schools, begin there their preparation.
The ski resort is 39 km from Edessa, 140 km from Thessaloniki and 570 km from Athens.

8:00 Departure from Thessaloniki
9:30 Arrival at Kaimaktsalan (2 hours distance for ski and coffee)
11:30 Departure from Kaimaktsalan
12:00 Arrival at Pozar (1&1/2 hour stop for swimming and shopping)
13:30 Departure from baths and stop in the village for lunch
15:00 Departure for Thessaloniki
16:30 Arrival at Thessaloniki

Duration: 8.5 hours price: 220 € mini van 250 €