The nymph of Thermaikos - Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is the second most populous city in Greece. From its foundation by Kassandros, Thessaloniki as a flourishing Hellenistic city until the Ottoman rule, it takes advantage of its strategic position and develops into a multicultural city. Since 1912 with the end of the Balkan wars and the integration of the region into the modern Greek State, Thessaloniki has been the second most populous city in Greece.

The prevailing view of the foundation of Thessalonica in 316/315 BC by the usurper Cassander of the Macedonian throne, relates his choice to the perception of the strategic position of this indented hollow of the Macedonian coastline, which could easily to connect the hinterland with the sea, creating the conditions for a flourishing commercial movement, while at the same time providing security from raids. In addition, Kassandros considered the arming of Thessaloniki as a second act, which would legitimize his claims to the Macedonian throne after his marriage to a scion of the royal dynasty. In Hellenistic Thessaloniki, as far as we know, there were the clans: Antigonis, Dionysias and Asclepias and the municipalities of Voukefalia and Kekropis.

With the ancient city of Thermi as its main axis, Kassandros forced the population of 26 local, coastal cities to relocate, creating the new state, which he named in honor of his wife, Thessaloniki. The commercial importance of the city attracted various settlers (Egyptians, Syrians, Jews) early on (3rd century BC), increasing its population and topographical size.

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