1. Purpose of the contract

www.Taxiwind.com is property of TAXI AND SERVICES TAXIWIND IKE registered in Greece and our address is at Monastiriou ,49,54627, Thessaloniki Greece.

These general conditions will regulate the contractual relationship between www.Taxiwind.com, (or “Taxiwind”) and the client (you), by virtue of which Taxiwind acts as the disclosed agent of the supplier.

For the provision of our services we work with private transport operators (or “Suppliers”) who provide professional transport services for the transfer of passengers, or who act as an agency with legal capacity to offer transport services and who are in possession of all the necessary licenses and permits according to the legislation applicable to each one of them for the realization of this activity in any area we provide our transfer booking services.

The terms and conditions applicable to the contract between you and the supplier are available by request and are set out in the booking conditions of the relevant supplier. Taxiwind acts as the disclosed agent for its suppliers thus it cannot accept any liability arising from the provision of the services.

The purchaser of the transport services specified in the booking (the “Lead Party”) and all of the other passengers listed in the booking are the other party to the contract with the nominated Supplier. On completion of your booking, your contract for the use and provision of the services is between you and the supplier. If the contract is made by an agent, or any other person acting on behalf of the passengers whose names appear in the booking, they are deemed to be acting as the agent of all of the passengers who use the Services.

By making a reservation you confirm that you have read these Terms and Conditions and that you have the legal capacity to accept them on your own behalf and on behalf of all passengers using the services.

These general conditions may change without prior notice and any change will be communicated by email, our app, our website or any other means that you have provided us with this purpose.

2. The Booking Process: Payment and Contract

Bookings may be made online on the Hoppa website or the Hoppa app. Where two or more people are included in the same booking, the person making the booking (“the Lead Party” or “you”) shall be deemed to have done so on behalf of both or all members of the party and he or she accepts these terms and conditions on behalf of himself or herself and each member of the party. The Lead Party must follow the process for making the booking and paying for the services (either at the time of booking or immediately prior to the use by you of the services). The Lead Party must be at least 18 years of age. Full payment is required at the time of booking. On receipt of full payment, Taxiwind will process the booking and after confirmation will send to the Lead Party the transfer services details which you have booked and the booking voucher. The voucher acts as ‘ticket’ and must be presented to the supplier representative or driver.

3. Cancellation

Pre-Booked Private Transportation. You can cancel for free up to 24 hours before your pick-up time (2 hours in some cases – see your confirmation). If you don't cancel on time, you won't be entitled to a refund. On-Demand Private Transportation. You can cancel anytime before your pick-up time, but the Service Provider may charge you a cancellation fee.

Public Transportation. You probably won’t be entitled to a refund once your Booking is confirmed. If your Service Provider has a different cancellation policy (which you’ll see while booking), their policy will apply instead. We and/or the Service Provider may cancel the Booking with little or no notice, but this would only happen in very specific situations. For example, if: the Service Provider becomes insolvent or is genuinely unable to honor your Booking, in which case we'll do our best to arrange alternative transport (and we'll refund you in full if we can't) you are in breach of these Terms and/or the Service Provider’s terms, in which case you may not be entitled to a refund. Amendments (changes) before your Journey begins Pre-Booked Private Transportation. Your confirmation email will tell you how much notice you need to give (ahead of your pick-up time) to request any changes to your Booking (such as location or time).

On-Demand Private Transportation. To change your Booking, you may need to cancel it (which might incur a cancellation fee) and make a new one. Public Transportation. You can’t change your Booking once it's confirmed. If we/the Service Provider need to change your Booking (e.g. a strike that interferes with your journey), we’ll tell you as soon as we can. If you then decide to cancel: Any Transport. Unless you cancel for one of the reasons in the next bullet, you’ll be entitled to a full refund (no matter how close your journey is). Any Private Transportation. If the change is simply a new driver, a new Service Provider, or a new (similar) vehicle, you won’t be entitled to a refund (unless you’re canceling with enough notice). Either way, neither we nor the Service Provider will be liable for any costs you may incur (e.g. alternative transport, hotel rooms).


If you want to apply for a refund, you must do so in writing no more than 14 days after your pick-up time. Any refund may take some business days to arrive in your account. All Private Transportation. If your driver isn’t at the pick-up location on time, you can apply for a refund, and we’ll investigate this for you.

All Private Transportation. You won't be entitled to a refund if your ride doesn't go ahead as planned because: the driver/Service Provider can't contact you one or more passengers isn't at the pick-up location on time, and you haven't requested a new pick-up time you request unreasonable changes to the pick-up time or Journey you don’t tell us/the Service Provider/the driver about a change you want to make you’d provided incorrect details when booking your Private Transportation (e.g. pick-up location, contact details, number of people, amount of luggage, etc.).

On-Demand Private Transportation

The driver may not wait beyond the pick-up time, If they do, they may charge you for the time spent waiting. If you aren’t at the pick-up location on time, you may be charged a cancellation fee.

5.Repair or cleaning charges

If anything needs to be repaired or cleaned because someone in your group has done something unreasonable or is in breach of these Terms, you will be responsible for the cost of repairs/cleaning.

When booking is confirmed a legally binding contract will be created between the Lead Party (and all of the passengers listed on the booking) and the supplier. No binding contract is created until full payment has been received. If you are booking via a Travel Agent no contract will be created between you and a supplier until full payment has been received from your travel agent. We cannot accept any liability in respect of any confirmed services unless full payment has been received.

Taxiwind or its suppliers cannot be held responsible or liable for timeliness, accuracy or quality of the services due to incorrect information provided at the time you book the service. It is the Lead Party’s (or his agent) responsibility to check that all the details of the booking are correct prior to travel and inform Taxiwind if there are any errors in advance.

If any errors in the information provided by the Lead Party’s (or his agent) at the time of booking result in a change to the cost of the services, you will be liable for that cost. In the event that you fail to pay for the difference due to incorrect information provided by you, Taxiwind or our supplier reserves the right to cancel the services without any compensation or refund liability to you.

The supplier’s price quoted on our website is the final price and no extra charges will be made to you if the information you provide on the time of booking is correct.

6. Child Seats

In certain destinations that you may have booked (e.g. the European Union), the relevant authorities state that children must use an appropriate child seat until they reach 12 years of age or until they reach a height of 135 cm. Our supplier will endeavour to ensure that child seats are provided, where they have been requested (and in some cases paid for by you at the time of booking). Please ensure that you are aware of the local guidelines when travelling with children. The Lead Party is responsible to check that the retention system is compatible with the vehicle and that it is correctly installed. Taxiwind or our suppliers will not be responsible for any incident derived from misuse, or improper installation of the retention system.

Own child seats or lifts can be used in some cases, you must inform us of this at the time the booking is made. We have to ensure that the vehicle used by the supplier is compatible with the retention system. Minibuses or coaches are used in some cases when travelling with big groups and in these vehicles, it is not possible to use child seats.

We will do everything possible to ensure that the supplier offers these extras when it has been booked. Due to lack of availability child seats may not be available. In those cases, you will be refunded the cost of the extra. If the retention systems booked are not available, children over the age of three must use a seatbelt. Children under three years of age will be able to travel without a retention system but mandatory in the rear seats of the vehicle.

7. Disabled Passengers

In some destinations, Taxiwind, through its suppliers, offers transportation services for people with disabilities or reduced mobility. In case of booking a vehicle of these characteristics you are responsible that the reserved vehicle perfectly adapts to the needs of the people traveling in it. We recommend contacting our customer service department before booking a vehicle of this kind, so they can help you choose the vehicle that best suits the needs of all passengers.

8. Amendments

Booking amendments can be made free of charge up to 24 hours before the use of the first service contained in any booking confirmed by us. Changes made less than 24 hours prior to the use by you of the first service must be made directly by sending an email from the email address which you provided at the time of booking to reservation@Taxiwind.gr, quoting your booking reference number, lead passenger name and the changes you require. Amendments may result in extra charges and you must pay these charges prior to any changes being made.

Amendments cannot be made changing to a different destination than that specified in your booking and also details like night fares can not be amendmend.

If there is a price increase caused by any change you request to the services that you have booked, you will be required to pay the difference in the price between the services originally booked by you, and the price of the new services you have requested.

In general, and for most services, we do not charge for amendments or changes to your booking, although we reserve the right to do so in the event the amendment increases the price of you original booking.

9. Vehicles booked

We try hard to respect our clients’ preferences about the vehicle chosen; however, the vehicle may be replaced by one of higher capacity or multiple vehicles depending on availability. If the change is a reduction in the category or size of the vehicle for which we have a cheaper rate, the price difference will be refunded.

All vehicles provided by the suppliers are fully insured for passenger and third-party claims, as required by the local law.

10. Luggage

The vehicles used for private transfers have capacity for at least 1 medium suitcase per passenger seat which should not exceed 70cm x 50cm. At the time of booking you must inform us of the luggage to be transported. It is not necessary to declare smaller luggage items such as cameras, handbags or small backpacks. The passenger will be responsible for any costs incurred in case of needing additional vehicles for the transport of undeclared luggage.

Will you include in your luggage or personal objects, objects that contravene the legislation of the country in which the service is provided (firearms, etc.) or those that may be harmful to third parties, or objects of excessive size, weight, expiration or fragility. Unless you travel with a guide dog, animals are not allowed.

The transport of luggage and other personal items is at your own risk and nor Taxiwind or our supplier will be liable for any damages or losses.

11. Services

We offer private Transfer Services.

We cannot guarantee the exact itinerary to your destination and all the information given on our website, such as and not limited to route maps, are for informative purposes only. We strive to ensure that the pick-up and drop-off hours are respected but we cannot guarantee them.

In case you don’t find the driver please call the supplier immediately. You can find the supplier’s phone number on you transfer voucher. If you organize alternative transport without communicating it to us the supplier will be released from its obligation to provide the service and no amount will be refunded.

If the driver of your private transfer cannot reach you, he will call the mobile phone number provided by you on the reservation. Please make sure you travel with that mobile phone and that it is on. If he cannot reach you at the phone number provided, we will not be able to provide the service and no refund will be made.

The unused transfers are not refundable, and the costs of an alternative transport will only be reimbursed if it has been pre-authorized by a member of our team. If you are authorized to take alternative transportation, please be sure to obtain and send us a receipt so that we can review it. Transportation expenses related to claims that do not attach valid receipts will not be reimbursed.

The supplier will pick you up and leave you as close as possible to the directions provided. If access through a regular itinerary is closed due to weather conditions, traffic accidents, etc., the supplier will take, according to your express request, an alternative route to reach the agreed destination; in these cases, additional costs can be generated for you.

In some destinations or due to roadwork or any other circumstances you may be dropped off or picked up at a central point within reasonable walking distance from your final destination.

If the flight, ship or train arrival is more than 45 minutes late than the time confirmed in your booking, our supplier will wait for you, but cannot guarantee the service under these circumstances.

If you expect not be at the designated meeting point at the time specified at the time of booking or your flight, ship, or train has been cancelled you must contact the supplier using the contact phone number supplied on your voucher.

All transport services contracted are covered by the civil liability policy of the supplier or the company subcontracted by it.

12. Your Responsibility

Formalizing this contract, you implicitly declare that:

You are over 18 years of age and are in full use of your mental faculties and that you are therefore qualified to assume the legal responsibilities derived from this agreement and that you are aware of the of the services that are the subject of this contract, of the information regarding the company and the content of these General Conditions.

You declare that the credit or debit cards used for making the booking are owned by you and that they have sufficient funds to cover the total booking amounts.

You understand that you must notify us as soon as possible of any modification of the data you have provided.

You are responsible for providing the necessary documentation for crossing borders. We do not assume any responsibility and refuse to incur additional costs caused by the non-provision of such documents or by non-compliance with customs, police, tax or administrative regulations of the countries to which access is sought. Our voucher is not a valid document to obtain an entry visa.

You are responsible to check the established pick up time and make sure you arrive at the airport, station or port with enough time to check in.

The services will be provided according to the information you have provided and that has been sent to you by email. It is your responsibility to provide complete and correct directions for the collection and destination points at the time of booking. It is also part of your responsibilities to print and check the accuracy of the transfer voucher. If the information contained in the voucher is incorrect, you must contact our Customer Service team immediately for rectification. We are not responsible for reservations that are impossible to carry out due to insufficient or erroneous information provided by you and no refunds will be made for those reservations.

In the event that Taxiwind or our supplier is forced to pay a deposit or a fine to the authorities of other countries as a consequence of the customer’s failure to comply with the laws, regulations or other requirements of the countries in which they intend to enter or exit or that they intend to cross, the client will assume full responsibility for reimbursing Taxiwind or the supplier. You hereby authorise us to charge your credit or debit card for any fine or damage incurred to the transfer vehicle (including without limitation special cleaning) or for any items that are missing from our supplier’s vehicle.

We reserve the right not to accept further reservations from a customer that has caused a major incident or incidents repeatedly.

13. Our responsibility

In the case of breach of these conditions we will be liable only for those damages or losses that are a consequence attributable to our default or our negligence, and at most for the total amount paid by you. We are not liable for damages that are not directly attributable to us or those caused by accident, force majeure or that are caused by legal or administrative requirements.

We cannot be held responsible in the event that the fulfilment of our obligations or those of the transport operator is impeded or affected directly or indirectly by or as a result of a force majeure event or of any circumstance beyond our control including, among others, cases such as extreme weather events, natural disasters, terrorism, accidents of third parties along the route of the transfer, police controls, extraordinary traffic congestion or strikes.

Taxiwind is entitled to refuse any booking made by you and we cannot guarantee to successfully allocate a supplier to every booking made with us.

Unless proved that we have breached our duty to select suppliers of transfer services using reasonable skill and care and you have incurred direct loss or damage as a result, we have no liability to you for the actual provision of the services.

We are not responsible for incidents that occur during the provision of the service, specifically illnesses, personal injuries or death, unless they are a direct consequence of our negligence.

This means that, in accordance with these conditions, we can accept liability if, for example, the passenger dies or suffers personal injury or if the transfer service is not provided as contracted or poorly provided as a result of our disability or of the inability of our employees or the inability of our transport operators to provide the transportation service you hired using reasonable knowledge and professionalism. Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to demonstrate that lack of knowledge and professionalism if you want to file a claim against the company.

Taxiwind, on behalf of the supplier, is entitled to refuse any booking made by you. Taxiwind does not guarantee to successfully allocate a supplier to every booking request. In the event that Taxiwind is unable to allocate your booking request to a supplier, Taxiwind will send an email to advise you of that fact. An alternative may be offered which may include additional charges.

14. Complaints

If the service you receive from our partner (the supplier) does not meet your expectations, you should immediately notify our Customer Service and, whenever possible, at the time the incident occurs. You should firstly contact the local supplier using the number provided in the booking confirmation and they will help you resolve any concerns. You will find their contact details detailed on the booking confirmation voucher. Complaints in writing must be sent by email to info@Taxiwind.gr at the latest 14 days after your return date.

15. Passenger conduct

By formalizing this contract, you tacitly grant the company and the supplier the right to refuse service to any passenger who, according to the driver’s criteria, is: under the influence of alcohol or drugs those whose conduct may be considered dangerous to the driver of the vehicle, to third parties or to themselves. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the supplier’s vehicles for consumption during the trip. This prohibition also applies to narcotics. Smoking or eating inside the vehicle is not allowed

16. Travel Insurance

It is your responsibility to ensure that the insurance cover you have purchased is suitable for your particular needs. We strongly advise you to read your insurance policy details carefully and to take them with you on your holiday.

If any of the stipulations contained in these conditions of use is declared illegal, void or declared inapplicable by judicial decision, the rest of the stipulations will continue in full force and effect.

17. Privacy

The Online Privacy Policy was developed to reaffirm our commitment to the information we collect from users on Taxiwind.com. This policy covers the treatment that Taxiwind.com gives data to identify a user; whether the data is collected directly on the website from other means of collection, such as customer service or phone calls. For more info please read our PRIVACY POLICY.

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